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Freshwater Pearls: Workwear & Dailywear Edition

From casual to formal - freshwater pearls can accentuate any look. Wondering how? Well, read this blog as we unfold the best tips for styling freshwater pearls for an effortless workwear and daily wear look. Whether you are a working woman or a stay-at-home mistress, you’d agree with us - fashion can’t be taken lightly. It’s more than just the art of putting together pieces of clothing and accessories.  For women everywhere around the globe, true fashion is an abstract emotion - a sense of feeling happy in your own skin. And it’s so important. After all, what else reaps us the same amount of self-confidence as feeling good about ourselves does? You guessed it right - nothing! But really...

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10 Reasons Why Pearls Are A Perfect Fit For Everyone

Whether you fancy lavish looks or have a soft spot for minimal aesthetics, trust us - pearl jewelry never disappoints. But if you’re still skeptical, don’t worry - read this blog and find out 10 superb reasons why pearls deserve a space in your wardrobe.  They say jewelry is the expression of style. Well, if this is really true, then pearls definitely are the universal language of fashion. Extremely posh and immaculate, pearls are a fantastic gift by the nature. One that exhibits charm, grace, and luxe - all in a single glaze. Whether you choose to don it with a classic formal outfit or a dreamy gown - you can always count on a string of pearls to make...

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