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Freshwater Pearls Are Real - Myth or Fact?

Subtle freshwater pearl jewelry styles are setting trends lately. But the question is, are freshwater pearls real or just a phony eye candy? Read this blog as we answer just that. 

Pearls are one of the most unique gemstones to have ever been discovered. Sleek and stylish, they exude a statement like none other. But, there’s a lot more to a single pearl bead than its gorgeous shine and ethereal beauty. 

On the surface, pearls come off as this gemstone that’s round, plump, and creamy white. But while all of their looks are synonymous, pearls are found in an extensive range of different varieties, one of the most popular being the Freshwater kind. And although freshwater pearls are extremely popular among the posh and aesthetes, their authenticity has always been a mystery for many.

So here in this blog, allow us to settle this debate once and for all. Let’s find out  - are freshwater pearls real?

What Are Freshwater Pearls? Where Do They Come From?

To most of us, a bead of pearl betokens the infinite blue sea and its calm, breezy vibes. But hold your horses - that’s not where those satin-smooth freshwater pearls come from. 

freshwater pearl jewelry

As the name suggests, freshwater pearls are sourced from mussels living deep within the lakes, ponds, and riverbeds. But, where exactly are they found? Well, while the lakes and creek bottoms of Japan and the USA hoard a good amount of freshwater pearls, this typical class of pearl has always been a pride of China as that’s the place where the best of this variety is found and produced. Yes, you read that right - produced! How? Let us explain. 

At Chinese freshwater pearl farms, mussels are picked from lakes which are then implanted with little pieces of mantle tissue. After this nucleation process is finished, nacre starts building in and around the implanted tissue, giving birth to a pearl bead. Over a span of time as the nacre continues depositing inside the shell, each mussel gives out a handful of pearls - sometimes even more than a dozen! Interesting, isn’t it?

Freshwater Pearls vs. Saltwater Pearls - What’s The Difference? 

Just like every gemstone, pearls also come in a range of varieties - the top two being freshwater and saltwater. But the question is, is there even any significant difference between the two of them? Well, absolutely yes;


  • Saltwater pearls are sourced from the oceans while freshwater pearls come from lakes and rivers. 
  • Saltwater pearls have a thinner nacre coating while freshwater pearls are fully made up of nacre.
  • Saltwater pearls are bright and glossy whereas freshwater pearls let out a dim luster.


From Shades To Shapes - Everything About A Freshwater Pearl Bead

  • Shapes: Freshwater pearls are found in a number of erratic shapes often resembling either a potato, rice, button, or coin. Perfect, round-shaped freshwater pearls are rare.
  • Colors: Other than the classic white shade, freshwater pearls can also be found in a wide variety of hues, typically pastel in palette. From rose pink and lush green to muted tones of lavender and shimmering gold - the range is overwhelming. colored pearl jewelry
  • Rarity: Although freshwater pearls are commonly produced and globally available, finding a true, round freshwater pearl is immensely tough as it rarely occurs naturally.
  • Value: Freshwater pearls are available from budget range to high value range. The cost of a necklace starts from 2k and goes up to 100k.
  • Benefits: Freshwater pearls not only add the oomph factor to your style but also disperse positivity and come with a truckload of astrological and healing benefits.

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    So, Are Freshwater Pearls Real?

    Now, let’s get to the point - are freshwater pearls real or artificial? Well, here’s your answer.  

    freshwater pearls

    Although freshwater pearls are cultured to an extent, the fact is that today, almost every pearl bead sold in the market is made with human intervention. So, you might as well say there’s no such difference between cultured freshwater pearls and freshwater pearls - they’re both the same. In a nutshell, we can say…

    Freshwater pearls are cultured, real pearls that are harvested in lakes and other sources of freshwater bodies. 

    Wrapping up,

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