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Which color options are available for Taruna Biyani® simulated pearl necklaces?

As it is rightly said, " There is no beauty without color", and we all love colors. At Taruna Biyani® we applied this art of colors in creating a wide palette of choice in our simulated pearl necklaces. The hot selling white is always the most loved but we have a rainbow of color choices for you. 

The beauty of real pearls is that nature works at giving them a shade unique to each pearl. But at Taruna Biyani® we worked hard to create our collection as a close match to the shades of nature. These Pearls that we make are delicately created in hues and tones of real pearl shades. Likewise, they are manufactured under strict supervision to maintain the sheen and luster that only select few nature gifted pearls are entitled to.

pearl colors

Offered in selective shade choices we are currently manufacturing these in White, Pinks, Silver Greys, Golden and a lovely Lavender. If you wonder "Why only these colors?" The simple answer is not to make pearls that look fake or unreal but to replicate our workmanship in simulated pearls, as close to real pearls as possible. 


pearl colors

We love to suggest you the best choice of color and pearl size to start with if you are a first time buyer at Taruna Biyani®. Our colors come in subtle tones that give a delicate hue to the necklaces. And are all responsibly created for you to match the look and feel of sea pearls.

While White is the most versatile color that matches all, our tones of pink shall lift your feminine spirits. For the independent you, reds and greys enhance your personality, the golden and south-sea tones are always classic.

You can go for any combination of colors depending on your personality  and how like to dress-up. But one thing you can be assured of is that you will always feel confident wearing our Pearls!