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Freshwater Pearls: Workwear & Dailywear Edition

From casual to formal - freshwater pearls can accentuate any look. Wondering how? Well, read this blog as we unfold the best tips for styling freshwater pearls for an effortless workwear and daily wear look.

Whether you are a working woman or a stay-at-home mistress, you’d agree with us - fashion can’t be taken lightly. It’s more than just the art of putting together pieces of clothing and accessories. 

For women everywhere around the globe, true fashion is an abstract emotion - a sense of feeling happy in your own skin. And it’s so important. After all, what else reaps us the same amount of self-confidence as feeling good about ourselves does? You guessed it right - nothing! But really - achieving that “feel good” look on a daily basis… it’s quite a task, no? Well, not anymore. Believe us, put your faith in freshwater pearls and see how the tables turn. Can’t wait to find out, can you? 

Well then, start reading as we discuss how to style freshwater pearls for daily wear and office wear. Let’s go!

Freshwater Pearls - A Beautiful Fusion Of Nature & Mankind

Before starting off with the tips, let us get you acquainted with the star of the show - freshwater pearls. Let’s see - what actually makes it so special?: 

  • Origin: Freshwater pearls are sourced from mussels typically found in the lakes and riverbeds of China, Japan, and the USA. 
  • Quality: Freshwater pearls are cultured, i.e., formed by human intervention. So, the thick nacre formed by foreign tissue nucleation instills extra strength and resilience in the pearl. 
  • Shapes: Pearls are generally round, but this typical variety can also be found in shapes such as off-rounds, potato shapes, and rice shapes. 

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What Makes Freshwater Pearls Awesome For Everyday Use

When it comes to everyday jewelry, most gemstones fail us. While they do add the bling and zest to our boring attire, their charm begins to fade after a point and their fragility is yet another concern of disappointment. But, that’s not the case with freshwater pearls. 

The ever-stunning gift from the waters, here’s why freshwater pearls make for the best daily wear ornaments:

  • Pearls are far more sturdy than they look. Yes, you heard that right! Although they might get scratched and stained easily, pearls - whether freshwater or saltwater - are much more damage-proof and break-resistant than other gems. This means, you can wear them daily without worrying about dents and cracks. 
  • Freshwater pearls look minimal yet luxurious. So whether it's a formal meeting at the office or an impromptu get-together at home, they make you look perfectly spruced up for every occasion. 
  •  Freshwater pearls are classic and super versatile. From trousers and pant-shirts to easy, breezy dresses - they go with every attire. 


How To Style Freshwater Pearls Everyday For Office & Home

Finally, it’s dessert time! Brace yourself as we now spill the beans on how to style freshwater pearl jewelry for a subtle, effortless look at office and home:

#1. Less is more 

The ultimate fashion mantra of all time! When styling freshwater pearl jewelry, don’t go too overboard - keep it low. Pearls look super extravagant and thanks to their quintessential charm, it doesn’t take them much to steal the show. So always keep a check on how much pearl jewelry you are wearing with your formals and casuals. 

#2. Layering for the win

Got an exciting after-party at the office but don’t know what jewelry to wear? Well, trust layering to sort your styling dilemma right here. The perfect fix for a “neither too much nor too less” look, freshwater pearl accessories look stunning when layered. So don’t hold back - layer your pearl necklace, wear two pearl bracelets instead of one - layering really makes everything better.

#3. Play with colors

Freshwater pearls are available in an abundance of shades. So why not make the most of it? Move over that usual monotone - pair your blazer with a rose-hued freshwater pearl necklace. Or get yourself an assorted freshwater pearl choker for everyday wear. Let the colors shine through! 

Here, check out our colorful collection of Freshwater Pearl Jewelry and get the hue that speaks to you! 

#4. Dress smartly

When styling freshwater pearl jewelry, always be wary of your outfit. For a sleek and formal look, wear tiny freshwater pearl earrings or go with the ever-classic pearl string. If it’s an offbeat everyday look that you seek, a big, bright pearl necklace would be a game-changer!

#5. Always experiment 

Finally, experiment all you can. At the end of the day, it’s you who gets to define fashion for yourself. So, wear your freshwater pearls the way you like them. That’s the only rule.  

Wrapping Up

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