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10 Reasons Why Pearls Are A Perfect Fit For Everyone

Whether you fancy lavish looks or have a soft spot for minimal aesthetics, trust us - pearl jewelry never disappoints. But if you’re still skeptical, don’t worry - read this blog and find out 10 superb reasons why pearls deserve a space in your wardrobe. 

They say jewelry is the expression of style. Well, if this is really true, then pearls definitely are the universal language of fashion. Extremely posh and immaculate, pearls are a fantastic gift by the nature. One that exhibits charm, grace, and luxe - all in a single glaze. Whether you choose to don it with a classic formal outfit or a dreamy gown - you can always count on a string of pearls to make every head turn towards you. 

But, is that the only reason that makes pearls such a must-have? Of course not. Read ahead and find out for yourself - what are the top 10 reasons that make pearls the perfect jewelry piece for anyone and everyone!:

Reason no. #01: Pearls are not your regular gemstone

What comes to your head when we say “gemstone”? Certainly, an image of a glassy, shiny piece of crystal with a pop of color, no? Well, think again. 

Springing from the depths of the ocean, pearls ooze luxury and elegance in their own, unique way. Unlike most other gemstones, pearls aren’t all clear and beaming. Hard, shiny, and opaque, pearls radiate a dim effervescence and come in a range of kaleidoscopic hues. From classic white to chic shades of pink, green, yellow, and purple - the list is never ending. 

Reason no. #02: They fit all kinds of styles and outfits

No matter if you’re a woman who treats every day as a special event or a cozy college girl who barely manages to change her PJs, pearls are your best friend. 

Pearl jewelry effortlessly blends in with every outfit and style, making it the perfect choice of accessory for anyone. Got a date night? Wear Tahitian pearl jewelry. Thinking about what to wear on your girls’ day out? Pearl necklace for the rescue. It’s really that simple.

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Reason no. #03: Pearls are extremely elegant and superb for daily wear

When it comes to daily wear jewelry, we all want something that’s subtle, simple, and comfortable. And pearls are an ideal combination of each of these elements!  

Incredibly elegant and easy to carry, pearls are the best of both worlds - style and comfort. What more to look for in daily wear jewelry? 

Reason no. #04: They stand as a symbol of love and serendipity

Move over diamonds - pearl jewelry sets are the new synonym of love. 

Pulled out from the heart of marine oysters, authentic pearls are extremely special and rare. And that’s not all! No two pearl beads are the same. Everything - right from its finesse to its luster - tells a completely unique story of love, care, and immense good fortune.

Now that’s quite a reason to choose pearls for expressing your love, no? 

Reason no. #05: Pearls are a better investment than diamonds

Diamonds are considered to be the toughest gemstone of all. But that’s only partially true. Although they hardly get scratched, diamonds can be crushed and crumbled pretty easily.

Contrastingly, pearls may be susceptible to mere scratches and scrapes. But pearls are super sturdy and highly crack-resistant. So, if those delicate beads make you think they can’t survive a fall, you’re mistaken. 

Reason no. #06: They come packed with healing benefits 

If you’re someone who believes in gemology and gemstone healing, you shouldn’t even be thinking twice - start wearing pearls already!

From healing digestive disorders to calming your anxiety - pearls do it all. Especially for women, a pearl is nothing but a god-sent healer. It helps them with their beauty concerns and keeps their emotions in check. Incredible, isn’t it?

Reason no. #07: They are earth-friendly in nature

The traditional method of gemstone mining has adverse effects on the environment. Right from contributing to deforestation to soil erosion and contamination - mining is not a sustainable practice. But that’s not the case with freshwater pearl jewelry as the beads are sourced from the ocean, from a renewable source. This means, zero unsustainability! 

Eco-friendly, right there! 

Reason no. #08: Pearl jewelry makes for an awesome gift

If you wish to gift someone a piece of jewelry, pearls make for a good choice.

Given just how versatile it is, the beauty of a pearl can make anyone fall for it. So whether you want to gift your best friend something special on her wedding or pamper your mom on mother’s day - with real pearl jewelry, it’s going to be super easy.

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Reason no. #09: They are super easy to style and carry

From acing your officewear look to adding extravagance to your party fit, pearl necklaces do it all, very effortlessly. 

Whatever the occasion is, adding a touch of pearl to your outfit accentuates your look to a whole different level. No wonder why celebs like Angelina Jolie and Rihanna call it their “holy grail” jewelry piece. 

Reason no. #10: Pearl jewelry is a wonderful generational piece to own and pass down

Due to their timeless beauty, pearls are considered to be one of the best traditional jewelry pieces ever.

While gold and silver may lose their charm after a point, pearls never fall prey to tarnishing. So, you can always hand down your classic pearl jewelry to your coming generation, with all the love and stories intact as new. 

Another wonderful reason to buy pearls, isn’t it?    

Wrapping up,

Now that you know why pearls are the best, let’s help you get the best of pearls.

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