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>  How is your pricing so competitive?  Is there a catch?

Most online selling websites act as intermediaries on behalf of its vendors (eg. A retailer, wholesaler or simply anyone offering to sell).  Ever wondered, how these companies make money - simply put, most portals charge a varying percentage of commission ranging from 30% to 50% as selling fee.  By the time you choose your pick, the price gets inflated by an unbelievable 75% to 200% of its original cost while each one involved in the supply chain trying to make their cut.

How is Rentjewels Different - Rentjewels does not work with any intermediaries nor encourages involvement of any intermediaries. Being a Designer House, all products are crafted under stringent quality standards in line with the brand image that our customers associate us with. This helps us to ensure that genuine products are available directly to the end-users at most reasonable price.

> If I buy jewelry, do I get a new  piece of the same?

Absolutely.  We maintain separate inventory for jewelry available on sale and that available on rent. We are highly conscious of our quality and brand that we stand for and you can be assured that each time you order any jewelry, an absolutely new piece is delivered.

All our prodcuts are covered by "RENTJEWELS QUALITY GUARANTEE". Please feel free to return the product FREE OF COST if the apearance and finish is not better than its appearance on the website.

Pieces available on rent are tagged "Rent Only" against relevant product.  

> Why should I rent jewelry?
  Renting is easy and economical means of keeping up with latest trends in jewelry. You do not need to spend a fortune and yet you get to wear splendid jewelry designs at just a small fraction of cost.
> Is the jewelry sanitized?
  After every rental, each piece is professionally inspected, santized and cleaned using ultrasonic jewelry cleaning equipment so that you can feel confident about its sparkle and brilliance.
> What can I do if a style is not available on my event date?
  E-mail or call us and let us know which piece you want and the date of your occasion. We continually review and add additional jewelry pieces to our inventory in popular styles based on current trends. We might be able to secure the piece you want or help you find a suitable alternative.
> What if the jewelry I receive is damaged?
  Each piece of jewelry is inspected by us for defects before it is sent to you. In the unlikely event you receive a damaged piece of jewelry, please notify us immediately upon receipt, otherwise, as per the terms and conditions, it will be assumed the damage happened while in your possession.
> Why do you charge a security deposit?
  Rentjewels charges a refundable security deposit equivalent to approximately 50% of the retail value of the jewelry (% may vary from piece to piece). This serves as a deposit while you have the jewelry rentals in your possession in order to cover our costs against unfortunate event of any damage or loss. The security deposit is refunded once jewelry items are returned to us in safe condition.
> What happens if I am late in returning the rented jewelry?
  Due to the nature of our business, it’s very important that you return your jewelry rentals on time. In case jewelry is not returned to us by the due date, we may levy a late fee up-to Rs 500 or 25% of the daily rental amount, whichever is higher in addition to the applicable daily rent for the delayed period.
> What is this replica jewelry?
  Our collection comprises of high grade Cubic Zirconia and semi precious stones with flawless setting on silver metal. The jewelry is gold/ rhodium plated to match the best real jewelry work and thus called replica jewelry. Upon wearing, one cannot notice any difference between real and a Rentjewel piece.
> Where can I get design assistance for my look for any occasion?
  You are welcome to walk in to our store and our stylist can help you choose and combine the best look to suit your outfit and occasion or event.
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