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Factory Pricing

Factory Price Advantage

Most online selling websites act as intermediaries on behalf of its vendors (eg. A retailer, wholesaler or simply anyone offering to sell). Ever wondered, how these companies make money - simply put, most portals charge a varying percentage of commission ranging from 20% to 50% as selling fee in addition to other charges like shipping, logsitics, etc. By the time you choose your pick, the price gets inflated by an unbelievable 50% and at times going up to 200% of its original price while each one involved in the supply chain trying to earn their share.

How is Tarunabiyani.com Different - Tarunabiyani.com does not work with any intermediaries nor encourages involvement of any intermediaries. Being a Designer House, all our products are sold directly from our design studios / stores to the end customer. This helps us to ensure that genuine products are available directly to the end-users at factory price. This provides us an added advantage of being able to service our customers instantaneously and effectively by reaching us directly through a phone call or an e-mail, unlike other websites which need to co-ordinate back with their entire supply chain (i.e. Retailer, Wholesaler and Manufacturer or as the case may be). If you still wonder how this works, all we can suggest you is to experience it yourself.

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